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Senin, 10 Juni 2013

Google Tidbits

New feature of Google that perhaps few know, in addition to providing links to many websites and many pictures, in response to several searches that users require daily, has long been able to respond in detail and directed some questions that are posed.
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You can perform mathematical operations on the fly, perform conversions between units of measurement or currency, get info on historical figures or celebrities and, recently, even nutritional values of many foods.
The latest implemented, in fact, allows you to directly enter a question in the search bar and receive the answer immediately, without having to consult other sites beyond Google: to know how many calories there are in a strawberry, for example, then ask.
At this early stage, you need to ask questions in English because the feature is active only in the American version of the search engine.
At the moment, Google is able to provide nutritional information on approximately 1,000 foods: fruits, vegetables, meats, but also real dishes; the Mountain View company promises to add other foods, other languages and other functions over time.
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